Go Hawks or Go Home

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Every Seattle Seahawks fan has their own jersey, but what about something that says a little more about you and your team?

The “Go Hawks or Go Home” brand sprang from the Richard Sherman celebrity softball game. While a number of celebrities pumped each other up by getting in their face, the phrase rang out and struck everyone's ear drums.

It made sense at once. A dying passion for their team is something 12th Man fans are known for – and this shirt screams it. “Go Hawks or Go Home” is the perfect saying for any fan who thinks they are the reason the stadium breaks the sound barrier.

All “Go Hawks or Go Home” shirts sold will benefit the Trufant Family Foundation – started by Marcus Trufant, a former Seahawks' cornerback. You can't help but want to encourage the great work this foundation is doing by buying one of these shirts and, in turn, bringing funding to it.

Three main areas that the money donated will be going towards are college scholarships, youth football programs and the Tru Fitness programs for children and adults. Trufant also supports additional foundations, including the Boys and Girls Club of America, Hearts for Kids and Sickle Cell Camps. His foundation can be found here: www.trufantfamilyfoundation.com

Don't be the last one to get your  “Go Hawks or Go Home” shirt – be the first to start the sensation. Show your Seahawks pride by representing them everywhere you go and let other fans know that if you're not with us, you're against us. Go Hawks!

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