How 1 To 5, LLC Became To Be


There was a night that I sat backstage for The Barbershop Show, co-hosted by University of Washington alumni Terry Holliman and 10-year Seattle Seahawks veteran Marcus Trufant. It was during this time that a conversation was started regarding the vision Marcus had and his mission with the Trufant Family Foundation – it touched deep down inside my heart. 

It wasn’t long that I realized I wanted to bring my brilliant team set of skills and work on a project that would benefit the foundation. I decided to sit my business partner Jason Hicks down, and together come up with a business plan on how to create an e-commerce company. We would give the Trufant Family Foundation a certain percentage of the proceeds. It benefited the foundation, and enabled us to give constant work to the creative team. 

On June 23, 1 To 5, LLL was created, and we began a new chapter in our business lives.

- Thang Tran

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